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  • BARN Facebook Updates:

  • **FCC NPRM Comments**
    For more information on the NPRM, such as up-to-date filings and audio sessions from past repeater net meetings, Click Here. Thanks!

  • General Announcement...
    During the month of April 2010, there was an unauthorized user on our system telling people to get off or to apply for membership before using. This is not right and not official. If you hear any user telling you to get off our system, ignore him (continue to use the system as normal) and email us immediately!!

    Please include the following in your email:

    - Any Names, Callsigns or Handles
    - Time of Day
    - Date
    - Which repeater you heard it on (ex: BARN-R1)
    - Entire conversation (or what was told to you)

    We thank you for your continued service and support, and hope that you have an awesome week! -- 73!

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