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Starting in the fall of 2000, a young man had to create and design a business project for his economics class in high school. He chose to create a small group that would focus on communicating with other CB and GMRS users. Thus, WestSide Radio Communications Association (WSRCA) began. During that year, part of the requirements for completion were to monitor the stock exchange program, make real business decisions, and create pamphlets or advertising flyers to draw potential customers towards the "business". He instead chose to create a website that offered membership services for this group. Apparently this was a huge success, because he started receiving actual emails from people asking how they can join and what they can do to support this group. -- In August of 2001, two months after his high school graduation, he decided to move forward and continue serving the local community. The name changed to Bay Area Repeater Net, and the rest is as you see it today.

Since June of 2001, Bay Area Repeater Net has grown larger with much greater needs for GMRS support and serves eight separate districts (from Fresno to the Oregon border) that make up Northern California. It now also has many local and traveling users, over 3 dozen members with more joining every week, and is well known throughout California and the United States as one of the top best GMRS organizations.

We are dedicated to serve the Northern California area by offering GMRS repeater coordination & other services to the GMRS community free of charge. Below are some of the many services we have to offer:

  • FREE Repeater Access For All Licensed GMRS Users!!
  • FREE GMRS Repeater Coordination (local & state-wide)
  • Membership Services (benefits, discounts, classes, etc...)
  • GMRS Repeater Systems & Networks (Northern CA)
  • Business-to-Business Relations & Contacts
  • GMRS Regulation Enforcement (2011 FCC CFR 47 Part 95)
  • Repeater System Consultation (GMRS, ARS)
  • Training Classes (repeater building, radio installing, etc)

Our staff and trustees have extensive knowledge in UHF repeater systems, emergency dispatch operations, community support, broadcasting networks (installation and maintenance), Wi-Fi and IRLP systems, Part 95 Rules & Regulations (1996-current), and general technical assistance.

Whatever your niche is in GMRS, we will be there to help and support you with our expertise, knowledge, and friendly staff. Guaranteed!

To view a list of the individuals, communities, organizations, and businesses we've helped since 2001, click here!

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