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USGS: Earthquake Hazard Program
Drum Recorder: Anderson Dam
Recent Earthquakes: CA/NV
Real-Time Seismogram Map - CA
Fire: Cal Fire Incidents
Fire: Santa Clara County Stations
Fire: South Santa Clara County
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System Status

The following information will be updated as noted. Please note that in the event of a nature or weather-related emergency, this page will have up-to-date information of the status of the repeater and it's surrounding events.

Weather: O

OUSGS - Earthquakes:  Earthquake Hazard Program
OAnderson Dam:  Drum Recorder Updates
ORecent Earthquakes:  California / Nevada
OReal-Time Seismogram:  Station Map - California

OCal Fire:  Incidents | Homepage
OSanta Clara County:  Station List | SCC Home
OS. Santa Clara County:  South County

Search & Rescue:
OSanta Clara County SAR:  SCC Sheriff SAR | San Jose SAR

OSystem Status:  ON
OLink Status:  OFF
ONotes:  System is in normal mode.

OSystem Status:  PENDING
OAutopatch:  OFF
ONotes:  System in building phase.

Today is: O

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