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Contact Information - BARN Affiliate Network

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Full Name of Owner:  Example: John H. Doe
Organization: (optional)  Example: Big Systems, Inc.
Street Address:  Example: 123 Memory Lane (PO Boxes accepted)
City:  Example: Hollywood
ZIP Code:  Example: 90210
Phone Number:  Example: 4085551212 (do not use dashes between sets)
Email Address:  Example:
GMRS Callsign:  Example: WPXX123 or KAD1234
ARS Callsign: (optional)  Example: KF6XXX or N6AAA
Frequency Input:  If the repeater is a "store-and-forward" unit, select SIMPLEX-R.
Frequency Output:
Tone Input / Output:  Format: (CTCSS: 141.3 / 141.3) (DTCSS: N023 / N023)
Repeater Status:  If the system is in the planning stages, please select "Future System" in the list.
Repeater Location: (GPS Coordinates Only)  Example: N 37.33939 W 121.89496 (Click Here to find coordinates)
System Website: (optional)  Example:
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*System information is kept confidential and is used solely for coordination use. Only public contact information will be sent. BARN screens all licensed users, requests, emails, and is very protective of it's data. We do not solicit information to companies or organizations outside of Bay Area Repeater Net.

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